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Samsung has a new entry-level OLED TV and it costs $900 less than the S95D

Samsung S95D OLED TV at CES
Kerry Wan/ZDNET

Samsung showed off most of its 2024 TV lineup earlier this year at CES, but the company announced some surprising new additions today — an entry-level, more affordable S85D series, and some new sizes for its S90D series. The company says this new line will have many of the same features as the rest of its 2024 TVs, including the top-of-the-line S95D.

There are, of course, some differences between the three lines, as I’ll break down below.

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First, the S85D comes in three sizes: 55″ for $1,699, 65″ for $2,099, and 77″ for $3,399. Those prices aren’t cheap, but they are significantly less than Samsung’s flagship S95D series.

As for the S90D line, which should be especially attractive to gamers, Samsung is adding four more sizes to its lineup, both smaller and larger than its existing offerings. There’s now a 42″ for $1,399, a 48″ for $1,599, a 77″ for $3,699, and a 83″ for $5,399, on top of the 55” and 65” options already on the market.

If you’re comparing the S85D and the S90D, for the 55-inch and 75-inch versions, you’ll pay $300 more to jump to the latter model. For the 65-inch, perhaps the most popular screen size today, you’ll pay $600 more. So what’s different from the S85D to the S90D line, and is the price increase worth it?

If you’re looking for a smaller screen like a 42-inch or a 48-inch, or a larger screen like the 83-inch, the S90D is your obvious choice as those sizes are only available in this model.

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As far as specs go, both feature the same NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor, 4K AI upscaling, Pantone Validated Colors, Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking sound, a Game Bar for customizing gaming settings, and the Samsung Gaming Hub for streaming games without a console.

The S90D ups the ante with a 144Hz refresh rate, a slight bump from the S85D’s 120Hz. This means fast content like action movies or games should appear smoother. There’s also Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support on all ports with the S90D model, along with 40-watt two-channel audio, compared to the S85D’s 20-watt two-channel audio, meaning the former should have louder, more immersive sound performance.

Samsung 77-inch OLED TV S95D (2024)

The flagship S95D TV is in the running for best OLED set of 2024.

Jason Hiner/ZDNET

As for the premium-priced S95D model, here’s what you should know as you consider the higher price: It’s the first OLED TV with Samsung’s glare-free technology, meaning it’s ideal for brightly lit rooms. Plus, you get booming 70-watt 4.2.2 channel audio, the Samsung One Connect box for wire-free mounting, and more. In terms of pure picture quality, the S95D and S90D aren’t too far off, but the anti-glare covering on the former would probably be worth investing in if glare is something your room setup will struggle with.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t mind going back a year, Samsung’s 2023 lineup, especially the S90C, would be a fantastic choice as the centerpiece of your home entertainment setup. You can save a good bit of money — currently $1,599 for the 65-inch, for example — and still get a TV that was one of the best of the year. 


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