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Microsoft Releases Copilot for Telegram in Beta for All Users

Microsoft Releases Copilot for Telegram in Beta for All Users
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Microsoft Copilot is now available on the popular messaging app Telegram. The tech giant integrated its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot with Telegram on Tuesday, extending its capabilities within the app. Telegram users can now converse with, ask questions, and search the internet with Copilot. Currently, the feature is released in beta, although it has been made available to all users for free. However, there is a limit of 30 turns per day (30 back-and-forth messages) when accessing the AI.

How to access Copilot for Telegram

There are two easy methods to get access to the chatbot. Users can go to Microsoft’s microsite dedicated to the feature and click on the ‘Try Now’ button to go directly to the Telegram app and find the Copilot chatbot. Alternatively, users can manually open the messaging app and search for Copilot.

However, in case users opt for the second method, it is important to ensure the authentic Copilot chatbot by looking for a blue check mark next to the name. There are multiple replica bots by the same name, and some of them can be malicious.

Copilot for Telegram features

At present, Copilot is only available as a text-to-text chatbot, and it will not generate images. It can, however, access the internet and will be able to answer web-based queries. Microsoft suggests asking the AI bot about cheat codes and walkthroughs of video games, movie suggestions, dating tips, recipes, live scores, personalised playlists and more.

copilot for telegram Copilot for Telegram

Copilot for Telegram

Interacting with Copilot is fairly straightforward if you have experience with using bots on Telegram. If not, you can use the “/ideas” command to get examples of what the AI can do and “/restart” will clear the current context of a response and start over. These instructions and other similar methods are also shown by the chatbot when first entering the chat.

However, before a user can interact with the chatbot, they will first have to register using their phone number. This might be concerning to some users given Telegram’s privacy-focused approach. On its microsite, Microsoft addresses the concerns and says, “Copilot on Telegram relies on the same safety infrastructure as the Microsoft Copilot experience.”

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