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Singapore singles shun dating apps, Hong Kong’s ‘2-dish-rice’: 5 weekend reads

Singapore singles shun dating apps, Hong Kong’s ‘2-dish-rice’: 5 weekend reads
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Singapore singles shun dating apps, a visual guide to severe flight turbulence: 5 weekend reads you may have missed

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1. More Singapore singles seek ‘meaningful connections’ in dating events and shun matchmaking apps

A couple poses for pre-wedding photographs next to the Merlion statue in Singapore. Photo: AFP

2. Havoc in the sky: how to stay safe in severe flight turbulence – a visual guide

A look at what causes severe turbulence, where some of the world’s most turbulent flight paths were in 2023 and how travellers can stay safe. Illustration: Victor Sanjinez

3. How ‘2-dish-rice’ meals went from Hong Kong workers’ staple to culinary classic

The “two-dish-rice” shops typically operated in lower-income neighbourhoods before the pandemic. Photo: Daniel Suen

4. Body odour? Sighing? In Japan, that could be workplace harassment

In Japan, a person with poor hygiene habits or who wears too much perfume could be a perpetrator of “smell harassment”. Photo: Bloomberg

5. US-returned Chinese physicist and team achieve world first in quantum computing

Duan Luming (right) with some members of his quantum computing research team at Tsinghua University. Photo: Handout

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