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Experience Unparalleled Sound With OPPO Enco Air3 Pro Featuring World’s First Natural Bamboo Fibre Diaphragm Design


Stepping into the world of wireless earbuds just became a whole lot more enticing, courtesy of OPPO’s revolutionary Enco Air3 Pro earbuds. These aren’t merely earbuds; they’re your ticket to a premium audio experience. These earbuds are the first in the world to come with a natural bamboo fibre diaphragm design and deliver an acoustic performance that outperforms the ordinary. They cost Rs. 4,999 and will be available to buy from July 11 across Flipkart, Amazon, OPPO Store and mainline retailers. Are you curious yet? We were too, and our experience revealed something truly extraordinary. So, sit back and let us unveil the magic of these super-amazing earbuds.

OPPO Enco Air3 Pro 6 2 diaphra

Discovering Sound in a New Light

The true marvel of the Enco Air3 Pro lies in its world-first bamboo fibre diaphragm design. This innovative design has three major advantages over the common titanium-plated diaphragm, making our listening experience a premium one.

Firstly, the bamboo fibre diaphragm is significantly lighter, weighing just 40 percent of a titanium-plated diaphragm of the same thickness. During our time with the Enco Air3 Pro, we could feel the difference. The earbuds felt feather-light, even after hours of use, without compromising on sound quality.

Secondly, the bamboo fibre diaphragm is 56 percent more rigid than a titanium one. It means less deformation and a higher range of sound up to 50kHz, far beyond what our ears can detect. This translated into a sound experience that was true to the original audio, making our favourite tracks come alive.

Lastly, the bamboo fibre diaphragm offered superior internal damping, which we found resulted in a sound free from high-frequency noise. The music we played was gentler and way better.

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Elegant Design with a Durable Twist

When we unboxed the Enco Air3 Pro, the first thing that caught our eye was its elegant design. The earbuds, available in two trendy colours, Green and White, carry a sophistication that stood out. The uniquely designed charging case added to the charm. Its sleek profile is a perfect match for the stylish earbuds. We found that the compact and comfy earbuds were designed for extended use – during our testing, we enjoyed hours of seamless music without any discomfort.

But these earbuds are not just about looks. We took them along on our outdoor adventures to check their durability. They come with an impressive IP55 rating for dust and water resistance, making them a reliable partner for a jog in the park or even a hike in the mountains. With the Enco Air3 Pro, we found that style and durability could indeed go hand in hand.

Bringing Sound to Life, Beautifully

The Enco Air3 Pro isn’t just about stunning design; it’s about transforming how we experience sound. The earbuds come with the Golden Sound 2.0 feature, which learns and adjusts to your listening habits over time. As we spent more time with these earbuds, every beat started tuning more closely with our preferences, offering a unique, personalised sound experience.

Moreover, the Enco Air3 Pro supports the LDAC ultra-clear transmission protocol. This advanced technology enables audio transmission up to 990kbps, which is three times the capacity of traditional SBC encoders. In our tests, this significantly elevated the clarity and richness of the sound, preserving every minute detail in our audio tracks. This combination of personalised sound experiences and high-resolution sound delivery transformed our listening experience, making every note come to life.

OPPO Enco Air3 Pro 5 surround

A Symphony of Surround Sound

Experiencing the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro opened our eyes, or rather our ears, to the wonder of OPPO’s Alive Audio. This feature truly transformed our listening journey, creating a 360-degree audio experience that felt as though the music was dancing around us. Whether we were lost in the rhythm of our favourite song or captivated by the soundscapes of an epic movie, Alive Audio took us right into the heart of the sound.

Coupling the Enco Air3 Pro with an OPPO mobile phone was a game-changer. This pairing activated a unique spatial audio algorithm that took our audio experience to another level.

Navigating Through Noise

When we used the Enco Air3 Pro, we found that it could deliver more than a clean sound. Equipped with a 49dB adaptive ANC feature, these earbuds showed an incredible ability to adapt to our surroundings. As we moved from our quiet office spaces to bustling city streets, the earbuds tuned out the environmental noise intelligently, keeping our focus firmly on our favourite tracks. This advanced noise cancellation feature, certified by TÜV Rheinland, proved to be a remarkable ally in a world full of distractions.

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Experiencing this feature was truly amazing. We found a sense of peace on our usually noisy bus rides as the Enco Air3 Pro easily cut all the sound from outside, leaving us with our much-loved music. On our run through the busy park and during our intense workout sessions in a gym, the earbuds made sure our playlist remained undisturbed. Even in crowded cafes, we found ourselves focused on our work while using the Enco Air3 Pro.

This immersive sound experience was made even better with the comfortable and lightweight design of the earbuds. We were able to lose ourselves in the music completely. Truly, with the Enco Air3 Pro, we found a companion that brought peace into our messy daily routines.

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Power That Lasts

In our journey with the Enco Air3 Pro, the earbuds proved to be a powerhouse of energy. These earbuds come with an impressive battery life of up to 30 hours, effortlessly keeping pace with our active lifestyle. From morning workouts to evening relaxation, the Enco Air3 Pro stood by us, providing an uninterrupted and premium sound experience.

And when we did need to charge, the quick charging feature turned out to be a lifesaver. A swift 10-minute charge gave us up to 2 hours of listening time – enough to get us through a workout session or a yoga class. We were never left in silence, thanks to the robust battery life and quick charge feature.

Why should you get it? Our time with the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro earbuds has been nothing short of remarkable. The immersive sound experience, thanks to the unique natural bamboo fibre diaphragm design and LDAC ultra-clear transmission protocol allowed us to enjoy music and movies like never before. The customisable Golden Sound 2.0 feature and the adaptive noise cancellation feature significantly enhanced our daily activities, from peaceful bus rides to focused work sessions in crowded cafes.

Equally impressive were the comfortable fit, strong battery life, and stylish design of the Enco Air3 Pro. These earbuds have been our constant companion, easily switching between calls and devices, and maintaining an energetic pace with our busy lifestyle. In a nutshell, our experience with the Enco Air3 Pro was extraordinary, making every audio moment special. You can get your hands on it from July 11 at a price of Rs. 4999. It will be available across Flipkart, Amazon, OPPO Store and other mainline retailers.

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