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Hong Kong restaurant chain to hand out coupons worth HK$600 each to boost business as part of ‘Night Vibes’ campaign


Hong Kong restaurant chain to hand out coupons worth HK$600 each to boost business as part of ‘Night Vibes’ campaign

A restaurant chain will hand out vouchers worth HK$30 million (US$3.8 million) starting next week in a bid to keep up the momentum to resuscitate Hong Kong’s nighttime economy.

Ray Chui Man-wai, president of the catering body Institute of Dining Art and also chairman of Kam Kee Holdings that operates 45 restaurants, announced his chain would distribute sets of coupons each worth HK$600 from October 18 to patrons who dined at his outlets, on a first-come, first-served basis.

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“The coupons are worth a total of HK$30 million, with every patron entitled to a set of coupons valued at HK$600, but they can only be used after 8pm at my outlets,” he said. “The move is intended to further spice up the government’s ‘Night Vibes’ campaign for heating up the nighttime economy.”

Chui said it was his own initiative and he hoped it would encourage other operators to offer similar promotions to attract more business.

“I hope other operators will follow suit and roll out night coupons to stimulate night spending together,” he added.

Ray Chui says handing out vouchers worth HK$30 million is his own initiative. Photo: SCMP

The government has launched a slew of special activities under a months-long campaign to revive tourism and consumption after the sun goes down, including bazaars along the city’s harbourfront, extended shopping hours and free activities.

In November, the Tourism Board will also give out vouchers each worth HK$100 to spend at designated bars and restaurants in an initiative costing HK$100 million.

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The board said the 1 million vouchers would help reinvigorate the city’s nightlife.

The “Hong Kong Night Treats” coupons will be distributed at its centres in Tsim Sha Tsui, West Kowloon and the Hong Kong International Airport.

From November, visitors will be able to use the vouchers for food and drinks after 6pm at more than 500 bars and restaurants accredited by the authority’s Quality Tourism Services Scheme.

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