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Nintendo Switch 2 Will Reportedly Come With Magnetic Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Switch 2 Will Reportedly Come With Magnetic Joy-Con Controllers
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Nintendo is said to have pushed the launch of its next-generation console, with reports from earlier this year claiming that the successor to the Nintendo Switch would be released in early 2025. Little is known about the Nintendo Switch 2, but the console will likely retain the hybrid design of its predecessor and is expected to come with a larger screen. Now, new details about Nintendo’s upcoming console have reportedly surfaced.

The Nintendo Switch 2 could come with redesigned Joy-Con controllers that attach magnetically to the handheld console. The information comes from Spanish publication Vandal, citing information received from accessory manufacturers who have seen the Switch 2.

Magnetic Joy-Cons would represent a change from the current design of Joy-Con controllers on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED, that attach to the console via a rail system. A new attachment system could thus mean that current Joy-Cons might not be compatible with the Nintendo Switch 2. However, the report said that existing Nintendo Switch Pro controllers would be supported by the new console.

Additionally, from the experience of the manufacturers, who were reportedly able to get an idea of the dimension of the upcoming console, the Switch 2 could be “bigger than the Switch, although not quite the size of the Steam Deck.”

The manufacturers also reportedly provided information on the Switch 2’s release window. According to the report, the console was likely ready for market, but Nintendo would prefer to wait for a stronger catalog of games to be ready at launch. Thus, the Nintendo Switch successor would not release later this year and like debut in early 2025, just as previous reports have claimed.

In February, Japanese publication Nikkei had reported that the Nintendo Switch 2 would be launched as early as March 2025. The report claimed that the decision to delay the release of the console was motivated, in part, by the threat of scalpers — people who buy products in bulk quantities to resell at a profit — and concerns over supply issues at the time of launch.

The report also claimed that the Nintendo Switch 2 would retain the hybrid console features of its predecessor, working both as a portable handheld and a stationary console for the TV in docked mode. The Switch 2 would also reportedly sport a larger screen. The standard Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch screen, while the Switch OLED features a 7-inch screen. The Nintendo Switch 2 is also likely to be a more powerful console.

Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles ever made and continues to sell well seven years after its release. It launched in March 2017 and has since sold over 139 million units.

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