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8 ways to boost energy and be less tired: life coach’s advice

8 ways to boost energy and be less tired: life coach’s advice
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8 ways to boost energy and productivity and be less tired – a Malaysian-Chinese life coach and author’s advice

In this hectic world, we all seem to want more energy – but few are able to easily get it. Learning how to do so, however, can be life-changing.

This is the heart of the message Simon Ong delivers. The Malaysian-Chinese former financier quit his job after suffering from burnout and shifted his focus from time management to energy management.

He found the approach so rewarding he became a life coach and wrote the self-help book Energize: Make the Most of Every Moment.

“Your energy levels determine your state, who you attract into your life and how you do what you do. If you are to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in life, you must have the energy to do so,” he says.

Ong suggests the most successful people in the world may not be the youngest, strongest or fittest, but are the best at staying energised.

“When feeling energised, we become the chief architect of our future and there is nothing we feel we can’t overcome,” he says.

“When we lack energy, we make poor decisions, easily get frustrated and operate below our potential. It’s the unfortunate reality for many of us.”

Once shy and introverted, Ong now speaks across the world at conferences and for global brands such as Barclays and Unilever.

“Productivity is less about doing more, and more about doing less – but doing the right things,” he says.

Simon Ong quit his job after suffering from burnout and shifted his focus from time management to energy management. Photo: Simon Ong

His YouTube video, 7 Habits For (Almost) Limitless Energy, has had over 100,000 views in the two months since it was posted. (He shares one “bonus habit” too, bringing the total to eight.)

Here, the author shares those simple habits to boost your energy and be as productive as possible.

1. Plan your day the night before

Many of us have our highest level of energy in the morning, yet we waste it because we do not know what our priority is. So we expend brain power on thinking about what to focus on, or worse, aimlessly scrolling through social media.

If you ask yourself the night before, “How will I know that tomorrow will have been a productive day?”, it allows you to have focus. As Chinese general Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it has been fought.”

2. Have a uniform

There is a reason the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wore the same type of clothing every day, as does Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

When you do not have to decide what you are going to wear every morning, it gives you back mental capacity to focus on more important decisions.

Steve Jobs wears his famous uniform of black polo neck and blue jeans at an event in 2010. Photo: Getty Images

Ong himself is almost always in uniform: a black T-shirt and blue jeans.

3. Plan meals in advance

Food is our primary source of energy. Many of us can benefit from eating less junk food and takeaways. Better meal planning can help ensure you make smart food decisions before hunger hits, including having a greater variety of plants on your plate.

Drinking more water throughout the day also helps boost energy.

4. Move your body regularly

Schedule time for exercise, whether you do a little or a lot: consistency beats intensity.

On a busy day with a work deadline, if you can take only 20 minutes for a fast walk – do it. Spend more time being physically active on a less busy day.

Simon Ong onstage with Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at an event in London in January 2023. Photo:

5. Have a bedtime routine

Avoid bedtime procrastination and the inability to detach yourself from bad habits such as binge-watching television, aimlessly scrolling through social media, or continuing to work despite feeling exhausted.

6. Create an energising environment

Our environment is defined by the people we spend time with, what we read, our physical and digital spaces, even those we follow on social media.

The more negative energy that surrounds us, the more negativity seeps into our mindset. Surrounding ourselves with more positive energy makes us feel more positive.

The cover of Simon Ong’s book. Photo: Penguin

Ong says he carries a good book with him wherever he goes.

“When I have micro-moments where I’m delayed or stuck somewhere, I can dive into that and feel energised and inspired.”

7. Make time to disconnect

To thrive over the long term, there must be a balance between work and rest. Periods of hard work must be accompanied by times of rest and contemplation, to come back to work rejuvenated.

Making time to disconnect and live in the present is a powerful way to rejuvenate the mind and body. Photo: Shutterstock

When American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison spent an hour each day going to a lake to fish, he was making time to reflect and be with his thoughts. Despite fishing every day, he never caught a single one. Why? Because he didn’t use bait – so that no one, not even a fish, would interrupt his thoughts.

Being able to slow things down can help us live in the present moment and reap the accompanying benefits.

8. Develop a gratitude habit

To instantly elevate your energy, write down the name of someone who has helped shape you into the person you are today. Then write down how your life has changed because of them and how they have supported you. Then call them and tell them everything you wrote.

If you think this would make you feel uncomfortable, at least send them a voice note. The recipient will feel your energy and emotion through your voice in a way that an email or text message cannot deliver.

Calling someone to tell them how much they have made a difference in your life, and thanking them for it, elevates their energy and yours. Photo: Shutterstock

Happiness ultimately begins with gratitude. It energises not just the recipient, but benefits you, too.

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