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The best smartwatches of 2023: Expert tested and reviewed


Apple Watch SE tech specs: Display: 368 x 448 pixels OLED | Battery life: 18 hours | Dimensions: 44 x 38 x 10.7mm | Weight: 36.5 g (Al) | Water resistance: 50m | LTE cellular option: Yes

Apple made an interesting move in 2020 and released a lower-priced Apple Watch designed to expand the use of an Apple Watch to other family members. The newest version of the Apple Watch SE starts at just $249, and if you are an iPhone user, it’s an easy wearable to recommend.

Emery Wright, a former ZDNET associate editor who contributed to this article, wears her Apple Watch to track her steps, check notifications, and stay mindful of how she spends her time. She said it helps her accurately track running distance and pace while she trains for her next half-marathon.

With an Apple Watch, iPhone users can answer phone calls, receive notifications, and send messages from the convenience of their wrist. That’s why Dr. Richard Newman, MD, Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist, prefers wearing an Apple Watch over a Garmin one during his everyday routine.

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Now retired, 75-year-old Dr. Newman is training for his 75th marathon. He appreciates the convenience of smartphone connectivity: “For daily running, I use the Apple Watch. As a physician, sometimes I get a call, and so I like being able to answer on my watch. It also monitors my heart rate, which is nice” he said.

The next generation of the Apple Watch SE contains many features from the Apple Watch Series 8. You gain Crash Detection technology, meaning the watch can detect if you’ve been in an accident and contact first responders. 

It also features the enhanced Workout app, giving you access to custom workouts and advanced metrics like heart rate zones, stride, length, and vertical oscillation. Ultimately, the newest version of the Apple Watch SE proves great things can come in small packages. 

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