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You Can Now Adjust the Brightness of Your PS5's Power Indicator

You Can Now Adjust the Brightness of Your PS5's Power Indicator
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Sony has issued a new system software update for the PlayStation 5 that brings audio improvements to the DualSense controller, new features for Parties and Share Screen, and more. The update also adds the ability to adjust the brightness of the PS5’s power indicator. PS5 system software update 9.00 is now rolling out and PlayStation users should get a notification for the same when they turn on the console.

According to the feature list for the latest PS5 update, controller speakers on the DualSense and the DualSense Edge are now louder, bringing a little more clarity to in-game sounds and voice chat audio. Sony also claims to have implemented a new AI machine-learning model to improve the microphone input on the controllers. The model suppresses background noises like button presses and game audio to amplify voice chat.

PlayStation allows users to adjust the brightness of controller indicators. Now, the same feature has been added for the power indicator on the PS5. The console has twin vertical light indicators running along its front face, that light up in different colours to convey the state of the PS5 — whether it’s on, off, in rest mode, or overheating. These lights can get bright, especially while playing during the night. The 9.00 update let’s players adjust the brightness of the PS5’s power indicator. Once the console is updated to the latest system software, users can head to Settings > System > Beep and Light, and select Brightness to make adjustments.

New features coming to Parties and Share Screen include pointers and emoji reactions. Players joining a host’s shared screen can now react with emojis and point to a specific location or item in the gameplay with a ping. The enable these, Viewer Interactions needs to be turned on in Share Screen settings.

Additionally, the update also brings Unicode 15.1 emoji support and improvements to system software performance and stability. The patch also updates device software on DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers, PlayStation VR2 headset, PS VR2 Sense controllers, and Access controller.

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