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‘No mercy’: Pro-Israel supporters gather in Boston Common, call for Hamas to be destroyed


Hundreds of pro-Israel demonstrators gathered in Boston Common on Monday to stand in solidarity with the Middle East nation and to call for Hamas’ annihilation after the terrorists’ surprise attack over the weekend killed hundreds of civilians.

“We need to eradicate Hamas,” Marty told Fox News. “They deserve no mercy. They are the scum of the earth. They are Nazis, and they need to be treated like that.”

pro-Israel supporters in Boston

Pro-Israel and Jewish community groups gather in solidarity with Israel at Boston Common after Hamas’ terrorist attacks. (Kassy Dillon/Fox News Digital )

The Israeli government declared war against Hamas on Saturday after the terrorist group fired thousands of rockets out of Gaza and its militants invaded, killing over 900 Israelis and took hostages, including soldiers, women, children, and older civilians. Israel, in response, has begun an assault on Gaza.

At the Boston rally, demonstrators sung, hugged and cried, with some draped in Israeli flags. The event was held in partnership with pro-Israel and Jewish community groups.

“What happened in Israel is unbelievable,” Ronny said. “It’s exactly like what happened to us in the Holocaust.” 


Massachusetts state leaders

Massachusetts state leaders stand in solidarity with Israel after Hamas’ terrorist attacks. Sen. Ed Markey, a Democrat, was booed after calling for deescalation during his speech. (Kassy Dillon/Fox News Digital )

A few Massachusetts state leaders gave speeches in solidarity with Israel. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, cried during the demonstration. Sen. Ed Markey, a fellow Democrat, was booed after calling for de-escalation.

“He’s a disgrace to Massachusetts,” Marty said. “The speakers over here are calling for diplomatic solutions. There is no diplomatic solutions.” 

Daniella, a pro-Israel supporter from the Boston area, told Fox News she was crying all morning after finding out her friend was killed during Hamas’ attack. She said another friend was wounded during the terrorists’ assault at a music festival three days ago and had been missing since.

Hamas militants descended on the Tribe of Nova music festival in Israel and began shooting point-blank. Others waited by the exits, and more terrorists hunted down revelers who tried to flee into the desert. At least 260 were killed.

“If we put our guns down, there will be no Israel,” Daniella said. “There won’t be peace.”

At least 11 Americans were among those killed in the Hamas attack on Israel, and more than 100 Israelis were taken hostage.

Pro-Israel protester

Daniella, a pro-Israel protester, says she was crying all morning after learning Hamas terrorists killed her friend. (Kassy Dillon/Fox News Digital)


One pro-Israel demonstrator told Fox News they had family in Israel hiding in bomb shelters. Another said she had Israeli family members fighting the war.

“It’s an absolute tragedy,” Natalia, of Boston, said. “What [Hamas is] doing is pure terrorism. They’re being monsters. It’s just atrocious, and they should be stopped.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a “complete siege” on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the attacks. Nearly 500 Palestinians have been killed, the Associated Press reported on Monday. 

“Israel was viciously attacked and Israel has a right to respond,” Igor, from Ukraine, told Fox News. “Israel will hopefully respond very harshly and bring those responsible to justice.”

pro-Israel supporter in Boston

Igor, a pro-Israel demonstrator originally from Ukraine, says Israel should respond harshly to Hamas’ terrorist attacks. (Kassy Dillon/Fox News Digital )

The U.S. supplied Israeli Defense Forces with ammunition, equipment and other resources and moved aircraft closer to Israel following the Hamas’ terrorist attacks, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told Fox News in a statement on Sunday. A few supporters said the U.S. should continue to support Israel and supply aid. 


“They need to send more,” Natalia said. “The only thing that should be happening right now is the U.S. helping Israel on every front.”

Jeff said the U.S. involvement is “frightening.”

“I’m very happy for President Biden’s support and commitment to the state of Israel, but also understand that this is a very volatile situation that could involve multiple parties, not just the one Israel is fighting right now,” Jeff said. “It’s a little bit frightening.”

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Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report, and Isabelle McDonnell contributed to the accompanying video.

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