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Commentary: Hamas takes cue from Ukraine war with armed drones in Israel attack


Because the Iron Dome systems are so effective, they would be valuable for Hamas to destroy. But rockets are too inaccurate to hit such small targets.

However, if the militants roaming southern Israel on Saturday had found a system deployed there, they could easily have destroyed it. For example, there is often a system stationed near Sderot, one of the towns that was attacked.

There is another way to destroy small, high-value targets: Attack them with drones.


This seems to be the first conflict where Hamas has successfully used armed drones. Some are quadcopters that operators fly via remote control. They can precisely drop explosives onto small targets – like an Iron Dome system. Videos online show them attacking people, a watchtower and a tank.

Ukraine has effectively used similar quadcopters against Russian military targets. They sometimes drop explosives right down an armoured vehicle’s open hatch.

Other Gazan drones resemble toy airplanes. They can fly considerable distances and then explode wherever they land.

Those drones are much like the ones Russia uses to attack Ukrainian cities. And both the Gazan and Russian drones resemble those made by Iran. That might not be co-incidental. Iran is known to have supported Gaza militants in the past. And it has admitted selling some drones to Russia.

There’s another interesting connection between the Ukrainian and Israeli conflicts. Israel has provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but no weapons. Most notably, it has refused Ukraine’s repeated requests for an Iron Dome system.

Hamas also sent several dozen militants across the border on powered hang-gliders. Their lightweight construction apparently let them avoid radar detection.

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