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Google's privacy chief to exit

Google's privacy chief to exit
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Google’s chief privacy officer, Keith Enright, will leave the company this fall, after 13 years at the tech giant, a spokesperson for the Alphabet-owned company said on Tuesday.

“We regularly evolve our legal, regulatory and compliance efforts to meet new obligations and expectations. Our latest changes will increase the number of people working on regulatory compliance across the company,” the spokesperson said.

Enright was named Google’s privacy chief in September 2018, at a time when the company faced heavy government scrutiny over privacy issues.

Enright’s departure is part of a broader reorganization within the privacy teams, with the company attempting to shift privacy policy to various individual product management teams, according to the company.

“After over 13 years at Google, I’m ready for a change, and will be moving on this fall, taking all that I’ve learned and trying something new,” Enright wrote in a post on LinkedIn.  

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